Tamara : World Premiere : Through Ileana’s Lens : Music/Dance/Parade Performance : San Diego Latino Film Festival Media Kick-Off Party : Quad Ale House : San Diego, CA


The San Diego Latino Film Festival commissioned Tamara Rodriguez Mehl to create Through Ileana’s Lens, a music/dance/parade performance, to celebrate and enhance the film festival’s history and community outreach.

The World Premiere of Through Ileana’s Lens was presented during the San Diego Latino Film Festival Media Kick-Off party, on Thursday, February 25, 2016, at the Quad Ale House in San Diego.

Live performances of Through Ileana’s Lens will be presented at the San Diego Latino Film Festival, in Fashion Valley Mall, on March 10, 12 and 19, 2016.

Through Ileana’s Lens

Music/Dance/Parade Performance
Written by Tamara Rodriguez Mehl
Music by DJ Mills & Tamara Rodriguez Mehl
Direction and Choreography by Tamara Rodriguez Mehl


Tamara Rodriguez Mehl – Director/Choreographer/Singer/Dancer
Shelby Garza – Ileana
Dillon Rendo – Dancer
Michele Vasile – Dancer
Siri Hafso – Dancer
Laman Musayeva – Assistant Choreographer/Dancer
Sequoia Pedersen – Dancer
Bobby Villegas- Dancer
Jordyn Zachary Randall – Acrobat
Nicole Fallon – Acrobat

Ileana is a young girl in search of her heritage. With her camera she captures the world and by the guidance of her friends she discovers her true self.

2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_01 2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_02 2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_03 2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_04 2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_05 2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_06 2016_Tamara-Rodriguez_Through-Ileana's-Lens_World-Premiere-Performance_San-Diego-Latino-Film-Festival-Media-Kick-Off-Party_07

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