Tamara : Rain On My Parade (Feat. Off Parade) : Music Video

Tamara Rodriguez Mehl 
: Rain on My Parade (Feat. Off Parade)

Song written and composed by Jean-Christophe Belval, Tamara Rodriguez Mehl, Chrissy
Produced by Off Parade
Executive Producer : Evan Shapiro
Directed by : Jeanette Mehl
(P)&(C) Made In Music / All Right Music – 2014
Music Video Director : Vassili Shields
Artistic Direction/Choreography : Ali Whitman
Dancers :
 Chloe Chenfeld, 
Audrey Fortuin
, Chelsea Gray, 
Fisher Kaake
Julia Martinez, Paul Mota
, Andrew Perez
, Rebecca Salas
Production Assistants :
 Timothy Cabal, 
Bobby Villegas, Zack Purdy
Make-Up Artists : 
Charlotte Brewer Smith, 
Sarah Keller
Executive Producer, Costumes, Sets : 
Jeannette Mehl


Tamara : Rain On My Parade (Feat. Off Parade) : Music Video — 6 Comments

  1. Чудесный миг , прекрасное творение
    И ты поёшь для всех людей ЗЕМЛИ ….
    Я верю в то , что звёздный час – МГНОВЕНИЕ
    И у Небес вся Вечность впереди….. !

    Tamara, these poems I wrote for you – poems in Russian. They say about your wonderful creativity and amazing voice … They say that in this world we live in one moment and heaven only repository that we create for our short lives. I wish you luck in musical creativity, love and happiness on earth. God be with you!

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