Tamara : Playing Maria In Maria’s Broadway Treasures : East LA Classic Theatre – Beyond The Bell Broadway Program : Southern California Outreach Tour

Tamara is playing Maria in the East LA Classic Theatre production of Maria’s Broadway Treasures as part of their Beyond The Bell Broadway Program Outreach Tour throughout San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

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BEYOND THE BELL BROADWAY (BBB) is a musical theatre, after-school program specifically designed for 3rd to 8th grade students. Beyond the Bell Broadway creates a gateway into the world of the American Musical; one of the truest art forms that is especially unique to the United States, and integral to its mainstream culture. Children from economically disadvantaged communities are significantly underexposed to this aspect of American culture. With selections from classical Broadway musicals, the program specifically covers the components of acting, singing, and dancing.

The preparation of various musical numbers is the focus of the program, in addition to the vigorous training of the musical theatre skill set. The program provides a semester of classes consisting of basic dance technique, choreography, choral and solo singing, acting and theatre production. Using a six-hour per week, two-times weekly format, Beyond the Bell Broadway provides 84-hours of instruction at each participating school, with a total of 168-hours of instruction for the academic calendar. The first semester culminates with a school assembly during school hours, while the second semester progresses to a musical theatre performance at a community performing arts center. Beyond the Bell Broadway implements all five strands of the California (VAPA) visual and performing arts content standards.

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