Tamara : Musical Chairs : Calderwood Hall : Gardner Museum

MUSICAL CHAIRS : An Acoustical Journey Through America’s Song Book

Calderwood Hall : Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Friday, June 1, 2012, 7:15 pm

Creative Director & Producer : Lawrence (Larry) Watson, Professor of Ensembles, Performance Division, Berklee College of Music


James Auburn, Piano
Will Cafaro, Bass
Nahum Corona, Drums
Vinicius Martins Da Silva, Guitar

Alvin Orlando Foster, Vocalist-Assistant Creative Director

Brianna Cox, Vocalist
Lilla D’Mone , Vocalist
Tamara Rodríguez, Vocalist
Bradford Roland, Vocalist
Keren-Or Tayar, Vocalist
Tara Tenant, Vocalist
Debbie Tjong, Vocalist
Chanel (Coco) Simone Valme, Vocalist


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