Tamara : Berklee Dean’s List

Dear Tamara,

Please accept my congratulations on your Dean’s List status at Berklee for fall semester 2011. I am writing to ask a favor, though by no means an unpleasant one.

Enclosed, you’ll find a press release about your excellent work at the college. I am asking you to send this press release to your local newspaper, so that everyone in your area can know this happy news. Weekly newspapers that focus on neighborhood and family events — rather than large-circulation, daily newspapers — are the best places to approach with a notice like this. The Editor, or Managing Editor are good people to whom you can address this notice.

Your effort will make all the difference. We appreciate the help very much.

The Office of Media Relations
Berklee College of Music


Tamara : Berklee Dean’s List — 4 Comments

  1. eres demasiado talentosa tamara, siempre se nota tu esfuerzo y deseos de aprender cada dia mas. te mando un abraso fuerte. siempre te sigo y te admiro. tu corazon es grande

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